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InsanityRust.gg 2x VANILLA|PVP|Weekly|Trio [JUST WIPED] Server Image
InsanityRust.gg 2x VANILLA|PVP|Weekly|Trio [JUST WIPED] Custom Map
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InsanityRust.gg 5x|PVP|Weekly|Events|Loot+|Kits [JUST WIPED] Server Image
InsanityRust.gg 5x|PVP|Weekly|Events|Loot+|Kits [JUST WIPED] Custom Map
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Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game. This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

Any form of Doxing is strictly prohibity, and will result in a server ban.

Do not do anything to bypass a ban on our server(s). Do not try to join with a different account if you were banned, sit it out. Any attempt to do so will result in additional bans.

Playing with a cheater or ban evader will result in a server ban.

Treat all members of our staff with respect, as they will for you.

Do not insult other players identities via text chat or any other applicable communication channel. We want a friendly and comfortable place for everyone on our server(s). Not following this rule will result in temporary or permanent restrictions, and in extreme cases bans.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Insanity Rust wipes every Thursday at 3pm EST. Blueprints additionally wipe once a month on the first Thursday of each month.

BGrade / Auto Base Upgrade
Instant Craft
T1&T2 BPs Auto-Unlocked
Raid Alert
Extended Workbenches
Furnace Splitter / Quick Smelt
SkinBox / Sign Artist
Teleportation (2 homes)
In-Game RP Shop
Night Skip Vote
Referral Rewards
Voting Rewards
Private Messages

Raidable Bases
Armored Train / Convoy
Harbor Event
King Of The Hill
Survival Arena
Defendable Bases
Dome Event
Dangerous Treasures

Your steam profile must be public, older than 15 days, have no more than one gameban on record, and have no gameban on record in the past 365 days.